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Emergency Management Performance Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Administered by:

US Federal Government Agency (see all agencies)
Department Of Homeland Security
CFDA #: 97.042

Purpose of this program:

To assist the development, maintenance, and improvement of State and local emergency management capabilities, which are key components of a comprehensive national emergency management system for disasters and emergencies that may result from natural disasters or accidental or man-caused events. By combining former program activities into the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), FEMA is providing States the flexibility to allocate funds according to risk and to address the most urgent State and local needs in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Working within the standard Federal government grant administration process, EMPG provides the support that State and local governments need to achieve measurable results in key functional areas of emergency management: 1.) Laws and Authorities; 2.) Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment; 3.) Hazard Management; 4.) Resource Management; 5.) Planning; 6.) Direction, Control, and Coordination; 7.) Communications and Warning; 8.) Operations and Procedures; 9.) Logistics and Facilities; 10.) Training; 11.) Exercises; 12.) Public Education and Information; and 13.) Finance and Administration.